Walnut Flight Board


Walnut Flight Board with 4oz sampling glasses.



What is a woodshop without a beer fridge? Now, when I’m hanging out and listening to good tunes on the radio, I can ‘sample’ 4 of my favorite beers at the same time. It really adds to the experience. So I thought to myself, ‘Hey, maybe some other people like to drink beer too.’ And so here it is, the one-of-a-kind quarter-sawn walnut flight board, complete with 4 glasses that can be filled between 4-5 ounces each. This hand-crafted wooden work of art is a great addition to any bar or kitchen. If you like to host parties, maybe you’d also like to buy 5 or 10 of them. These are also available in wholesale pricing for any bar, restaurant, or anyone else that wants to up their game with 4 glasses on a finely finished piece of wood.

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13.5" x 3.5" x .375". Sizes are approximate. Glasses hold 4-5oz each.