The Zebra Board


The Zebra – what it lacks in form, it makes up for in character.



Does anybody know what noise a Zebra makes? As a parent, it seems like this is somehow relevant information that I have not learned yet. If you’ve been checking out my other products, you can probably tell that I like to see the stripes in wood, and this charcuterie board does not disappoint. Made from Walnut with exotic Zebrawood stripes, this is a simple but elegant serving platter that won’t take up much room on the table or in your cabinet. The clean, angular design on this wooden art has been spared no detail and includes finely chamfered edges, so that no matter what edge you’re looking at, the lines and sharp contours are beautifully juxtaposed with the slender waves of the wood grain itself. These wooden charcuterie boards are handcrafted in the USA, by me, and you should pick up one for yourself and every single person on your holiday gift list.

Additional information


7" wide x 11" on the tall side, 8" on the short side x .375" thick. Sizes are approximate.