The Walrus Charcuterie Board


The Walrus charcuterie board – great for serving and conversation.



I am the eggman. I am THE WALRUS. Actually, I’m a woodworker that thinks he has a sense of humor. This is a simple yet elegant piece made from the very unique Sapele wood. The curls and ripples that pop out after this wood is sanded and oiled make it look like The Walrus just got done with a long afternoon swim. Having stuffed himself with clams and oysters, he’s ready to take a nap on your kitchen table. And if you’re careful and quiet enough, you can place a bunch of fancy meats and cheeses on his side. There’s also a little leather hanging strap that gives him his ‘tusks’. This wooden charcuterie board is great as a gift and will inspire many conversations at your next dinner party. Listening to The Beatles is optional while serving friends and family, although it is recommended. You should buy this hand-crafted, finely made woodworking item for yourself and also as a gift.

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21" x 5.5" x .375". Sizes are approximate.